Beard season is among us and while some may be an expert beard grower or you are new to the whole facial hair experience there are a few tips and tricks to keeping it looking top-notch for any occasion. A lot of growing your beard revolves around how you properly take care of it. Moisturizing your beard with our very own beard oil or a beard balm is essential to how it will look throughout the day. With your beard oil, you will only need a couple drops for a short beard and 6-7 for your longer bearded men. As your beard continues to get longer, getting a regular trim and lineup will give it a more clean cut, chiseled look as well as training your beard with a boar bristle brush and comb. When it comes to washing your beard it is best to use a beard wash 2-3 times per week rather than your regular shampoo because your regular shampoo can cause it to become brittle and break as well as dry your skin out. If you feel like your beard is too coarse or lacking hydration, a beard softener is a reliable conditioner that will not only bring back hydration to your beard, but the skin underneath as well.

Keep your beards looking spectacular this season with a beard and mustache grooming with our very talented staff.