You can be the best dressed fellow in the whole town, but if your hair isn’t tamed you’ve thrown your whole game off. Your hair is always your finishing touch to the perfect outfit so you want to make sure when getting your haircut you are choosing the best style for you face shape. The best hairstyles for face shapes are:

  • Oval Shape- Pushed back and long, Side part and short, Undercut, Fringe Up
  • Square Shape- Crew Cut, Undercut, Faux Hawk, Slicked Back Side Part
  • Oblong Shape- Side Part, Buzz Cut, Fringed Up, Side Fringe
  • Triangle Shape- Fringed Up, Side Fringe, Side Part
  • Round Shape- Faux Hawk with Short Sides, Fringe Up, Undercut, Quiff
  • Diamond shape- Quiff, Long Hair Pushed Back, Faux Hawk, Side Fringe
  • Heart Shaped- Long Fringe, Side Parted Long, Pushed Back, Undercut

If you are unsure of what shape your face is your barber/stylist can help you out with that. If you need help styling your hair as well, be sure to ask your barber/stylist how to do so using one of our many great products. We have a range of products from something shiny to a more matte looking, from a firm hold to a light hold and anything in between.  Never leave the house without making sure you have a dapper haircut to match your outfit.